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S&H Rubber specializes in custom extrusions, from one-time special orders to high volume runs. We can provide finished parts cut to length or provide reels of extruded stock, depending on the customer’s request.Our experienced sales team can provide product selection and design support, whether you require standard extruded rubber gaskets or custom extruded rubber profiles. With our in-house formulation and mixing capabilities coupled with die design and fabrication on state-of-the-art die making equipment, we can design a rubber compound to meet your specific requirements for quality and performance while minimizing cost. WATCH THE VIDEO

Rubber Gasket Materials

Gaskets are mechanical seals that prevent leaks between separate substrate sections. They are occasionally made of metal because they must be durable enough to withstand extreme pressures and wear. However, many gaskets, such as o-rings, can be made out of synthetic rubbers or silicone. These thick rubbers are robust enough to handle the kinds of pressure and conditions associated with gasket applications.