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High quality custom molded parts, metal & fabric impregnated, expertly produced in our facility with superior quality, turn-around & cost. Among our high-quality products and rubber extrusions are, airplane seals, bellows, bushings and molded gaskets. S&H Rubber is a world-class, versatile supplier of custom molded and rubber extrusion products. WATCH THE VIDEO.

S&H Rubber was started in 1967 in Fullerton, CA. After rapid growth and developing a reputation of quality and quick turn-around, S&H Rubber was no longer limited to over-flow work or small jobs. We are proud to say that many of those original customers are still with S&H Rubber today. Although we continue to expand our capabilities, we are still that small size company that can respond quickly to customer needs. OUR CERTIFICATIONS.
Rubber Gasket Applications

Gaskets are used in a wide variety of applications in a diverse range of environments, so factors like those listed above must be accounted for. O-rings, which are the most common type of gasket, are made of synthetic rubber and account for a large portion of rubber gasket use. However, many other basic gasket seals are made out of rubber for commercial and industrial use on pipes, wood, and other applications. These gaskets can perform well with other rubber materials, or various kinds of metal and even wood. Sealant must be incorporated to ensure seal integrity and prevent leakage. A few examples of common sealants are oakum, plumber’s putty, and thread seal tape.